Rex's Holiday Pet Safety Checklist

The holiday season is upon us, and boy oh boy am I excited! Special gifts, tons of treats, and extra snuggles – all for me! Yippee! But with all the houseguests and rich food, pet parents need to consider us dogs and cats in their holiday plans. Nothing can spoil holiday cheer like an emergency visit to a veterinary clinic! Woof. So I put together a holiday pet safety checklist below to help all the humans out there to prevent a disaster with their pets!

  • Keep your pet's eating and exercise habits as close to their normal routine as possible.
  • Keep people food and drinks out of the reach of your pet, and ask your guests to do the same.
  • Make sure your pet doesn't have any access to treats, especially those containing chocolate, xylitol, grapes/raisins, onions, or other toxic foods.
  • Don't leave your pet alone in the room with lit candles, a decorated tree, or potpourri.
  • Keep holiday plants (especially poinsettias, holly, mistletoe, and lilies) out of reach of pets.
  • Consider leaving the tinsel off your tree if you have a cat.
  • Keep wires, batteries, and glass or plastic ornaments out of paws' reach. A wire can deliver a potentially lethal electrical shock, and a punctured battery can cause burns to the mouth and esophagus, while shards of breakable ornaments can damage your pet's mouth and digestive tract.
  • Secure your Christmas tree to keep it from falling over if your dog bumps it or your cat climbs it. (Pro-tip: Hanging lemon-scented car air fresheners in the tree may deter your cat from climbing it.)
  • Provide a safe place for your pet to escape the excitement (such as a kennel, crate, perching place, scratching post shelf or hiding place) if you’re entertaining guests.
  • If your pet is excitable or scared, consider putting your pet in another room with some toys and a comfortable bed. You can also consider giving him some CBD-infused treats from The Hipster Hound to calm his nerves!

If you follow this checklist, then both pets AND parents will have a wonderful holiday season. Still worried about how your pup will do with all those family members invading his home? Why not send him to doggy daycare or board him for a bit at The Hipster Hound? My mom, Tonya, and the trained staff can be a sanctuary for your pet during the hectic festive season! Happy holidays to you all!


Rex, The Original Hipster Hound

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