The Hipster Hound Family

The Hipster Hound, LLC is a family owned business in Savannah, GA.  

Please allow me to introduce you to The Hipster Hound family. My husband, Nick, and daughter, Lucy, and I have always dreamed of starting our own dog related business. We especially wanted to open a doggy daycare and boarding, grooming and boutique facility-a place to meet the total needs of the Hipster Hound.

So to make our dream come true, we started small with an all-natural dog treat and grooming products company, The Hipster Hound, in January 2015. We sold at various festivals, farmer’s markets and retail outlets throughout Savannah.  As we got to know our customers, our treat company expanded into pet care with The Hipster Hound @ Home Pet Sitting Services.  We have been so pleased and thrilled with how fast our business has grown that we decided it’s time to take the final step and go for our dream. 

Through mutual dog-loving friends, we were introduced to Skip from Coastal K9 Services, who has been looking for a place he felt comfortable enough to send his clients so he may focus only on dog training-which he will do at our new facility.  Lucky for us, Skip has agreed to help in our new venture and we couldn’t be happier to have access to his knowledge and expertise.  Once again we decided it’s time to expand The Hipster Hound even more with doggy daycare, boarding, grooming and boutique facility. 

In the beginning, we combined our passion for healthy baking and dogs and created the Hipster Hound Bites brand of all-natural dog treats; allowing other dog lovers to take advantage of handmade, wholesome treats they couldn't find in a grocery store.  After developing our 4 flavors of Bites, we decided to expand into offering FroDog Frozen Yogurt and MuttCakes.  

Happy with the results of offering items that were good for the inside of our dogs body we decided to tackle the outside of our dogs body.  Using our knowledge of essential oils we decided to go chemical free in our home as much as possible, including homemade grooming products for our dogs. We have developed many different formulas of Hipster Hound Sprays and 'Poos for various skin and coat conditions.  

You may purchase the Bites, Sprays and 'Poos at various outlets around Savannah, including: 

Canine Palace

Local Farmbag

Polks to Go and Polk's Farmer's Market Locations


Savannah Food Coop

Wilmington Island Farmer's Market


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 We hope you and your Hipster Hound enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.


The Hipster Hound Family