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Let's Bowl! August 28, 2015 13:57 1 Comment

Do you give a lot of thought about the bowl your pet uses? Probably not.  You go to the store, see a cute one, buy it, done. Easy Peezey. But wait!  There ARE some things you should think about when choosing a bowl. Who knew!? Well, now- YOU will know.

 First, the dish should last the entire lifetime of your pet. But how do you find this bowl?

Tips for selecting the best pet dish:

  • Don't choose plastic...period. 
    • Plastic can be easily scratched making it harder to thoroughly clean and allowing for harmful bacteria to build up in those scratches. GROSS!
    • Plastic may also contain nasty chemicals like BPA (yep-the same stuff we've been hearing about for years now). Studies have shown it's harmful to humans and that's good enough to not risk it for your furbabies too!
  • Ceramic  
    •  If undamaged, ceramic can be easily cleaned and unlikely to harbor harmful bacteria.
    • However, one drop on the floor and it's likely to chip or crack. Once this happens-adios my little ceramic friend. Once the outer coating on a ceramic bowl is damaged it's almost impossible to thoroughly clean.
    • Don't eat the lead paint, kids!  Make sure to buy bowls that are marked "food safe", "contains a lead free glaze". Many studies have shown ceramic pet dishes do contain lead so you have been warned. 
  • Stainless Steel
    • Stainless steel is very durable, unlikely to chip, scratch or crack. Usually easy to clean and less likely to build up harmful bacteria. 
    • Make sure the stainless steel bowl you buy says it's "dishwasher safe" and lists its thickness (gauge). This usually means the steel is of higher quality. Manufacturers that fail to do this means you are getting a lower quality bowl. 
    • Try to buy bowls made in the USA. Other countries, like India and China, have tested positive for lead and radioactive materials in the bowls made there. 
  • Raised Feeders
    • Raised bowls are generally recommended for larger breed dogs, arthritic and geriatric dogs to take pressure off their neck, hips, back and joints, promoting better posture. 
    • Feeling Bloated? Some studies do suggest that raised feeder may increase the risk of bloat in dogs that are already susceptible or has a history of bloat. 
  • Slow Feeder Bowls
    • Does your dog need to slow it down a bit?  Slow feeder bowls are good for those dogs that eat too fast. Eating so fast can cause many health concerns like vomiting, choking and even bloat, which can be deadly. Slow that Hipster Hound down by using some of the following methods:
      • You can purchase many types of slow feeders. They typically have grooves and barriers within the bowl that keeps your dog from gulping down the food in one or two bites.  Just be sure you get a stable, well-made bowl so it won't move around while eating or fall apart while it's been chewed on. 
      • No funds to buy one. Try adding a tennis ball or I've even seen a stainless steel measuring cup to the food bowl. This makes him eat around the object and slow down a bit. 

How's your bowling knowledge now?  

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How to choose the right collar, leash or harness for your Hipster Hound August 18, 2015 10:08

When choosing a leash or harness there are so many options it can be a little overwhelming. You hear terms like martingale, greyhound, chain, retractable, forward leading and more- it's enough to make you reach for the aspirin bottle. What kind is right for your Hipster Hound?  Well it depends on many factors like "are you using it for training the dog", "does the dog already walk well on a leash", "what type of area will you be walking your Hipster Hound" and so many more questions you need to ask when making this decision. Our Hipster Hound, Rex, is a 100 lb coon hound that would drag us around.... until we tried the chain collar.  When used correctly the chain, or prong collar, can help you train your dog to walk on a leash. Rex no longer pulls and is a very well behaved dog while on a leash. However, you must use this type of leash properly as it can cause harm. 

The ASPCA has created this handy dandy cheat sheet on choosing the right walking equipment for your Hipster Hound. Still can't decide? Seek advice from your locally owned pet store as they are well versed in different types of collars and leashes, your vet or even a professional dog trainer!



Hipster Hound News: The Hipster Hound is the news! August 18, 2015 09:50

Our Hipster Hound family was so excited to be featured in the Biz section of the Savannah Morning News this past Saturday, August 8th. You can read the article at  http://savannahnow.com/exchange/2015-08-07/couple-goes-all-natural-hipster-hound

We would like to thank the Savannah community for embracing our all-natural treats, chemical free grooming products and pet-sitting services.   We are enthusiastically looking forward to continuing serving up healthy treats to the dog community everywhere! 



Welcome to The Hipster Hound March 24, 2015 12:15

Our Hipster Hound family is so excited to be launching our new website and blog.  We hope you enjoy learning about The Hipster Hound and how you and your dog can live a healthier lifestyle.  We will keep you updated on any national pet food recalls, fun games and activities you and your dog can do together, safety tips and more.  Stay tuned and don't forget to bark at us with any questions you may have about our products!