Choosing the Best Dog for Your Home

When it comes to choosing a dog to make a part of your family, there are a TON of options. I was SO lucky when my mom, Tonya, chose me! But she did a lot of research and soul-searching beforehand. Getting a new dog is an exciting yet nerve-racking decision for humans. After all, they are committing to care for a living, breathing being who will depend on them for his entire life!

The first step to being a responsible dog parent begins before even bringing him home. Understanding the cost of raising a dog is essential. If people thoughtfully and seriously assess all needs before making this decision then both humans and dogs can live long, happy lives together.

There are several factors to consider before a human chooses a dog. Most importantly, they need to examine their current lifestyle and consider what adjustments they are willing to make for a dog. They should look at the needs of their family, especially if there are children, older relatives, or other pets. People with allergies, or those who prefer low-shedding dogs, might want to look into hypoallergenic dog breeds.

Small, medium, or large? Dogs come in all sizes. But each size comes with different things to consider. Most small dogs are delicate and vulnerable. Being stepped on or mishandled can cause serious injury. Also, little dogs can be much more sensitive to colder temperatures. Then, large dogs need a bit more space to move around. Big, happy dogs with long, whip-like tails need wagging space to avoid tail injury or damage to household objects. And don’t forget: the bigger the dog, the more he’ll eat, which means spending more money on food!

Fact: some dogs have more energy than others. Every dog needs routine exercise, regardless of breed or size, so humans need to make sure they can provide this. If a person cannot commit to more than one or two casual walks per day, then a lower energy dog might be the better choice. But for someone looking for a dog that can be a jogging partner or agility competitor, it should be high energy all the way!

All dogs need basic grooming, but certain types need more based on the type of hair coat. Some dogs have hair that keeps growing, needing advanced routine grooming. Most short-haired, smooth-coated dogs are major shedders, so be prepared to do some extra cleaning up! And floppy ears? Those are ear infection-central!

Puppies? They require the greatest amount of training and attention, especially over the first six months. Be prepared to dedicate a BUNCH of time to housebreaking and raising a baby pup. But bringing home a dog that is a little older can be a much better experience for both human and dog. An adult might be a better choice to get a good idea of the true energy level, attitude, and temperament of a new dog. But Senior dogs should not be forgotten! Welcoming a senior dog into any home can be a wonderful way to bring joy to the golden years of a dog.

Some people have their hearts set on a purebred dog, but everyone should consider mixed breed dogs! Mixed breed dogs can become wonderful additions to any home. The combination of two or more dog breeds can often balance out their personalities and physical characteristics. Many experts even believe that mixed-breed dogs end up with fewer health problems than purebred dogs. Overall, they tend to be good-natured and intelligent. Plus, getting a mixed-breed dog usually means saving him from euthanasia or a lonely shelter life! It’s a win-win all around!

No matter what kind of dog the humans get, The Hipster Hound literally has EVERYTHING anyone would ever need when getting a new dog. From food and treats to collars and leashes, The Hipster Hound retail shop should be any dog parent’s first stop with their new pup. And don’t forget - once they have all the essentials for the home, The Hipster Hound offers obedience training, doggy daycare, and CPR classes for both humans and dogs to get on the right track!


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