Yard Attendant/Handler

I started working at The Hipster Hound in Summer 2021, and I absolutely love it! My coworkers have become great friends, and the dogs are just the cherry on top. I have three dogs and a cat of my own. My dog, Macey, has become part of The Hipster Hound family, and her favorite thing is coming to work with me. I heard about this job when I was trying to find a doggy daycare for Macey, and I figured it would be a good fit for me too because I love dogs so much. I was 100% correct!


Yard Attendant/Handler

I was born and raised in Savannah. I love all things outdoors: boating, camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and the beach. I have never met an animal I did not love and adore! I have two fur babies: Gus is a 2-year-old Boykin Spaniel and Asher is a 10-year-old cat.

I've been working at The Hipster Hound since May 2022, and I absolutely love it. I get to play with, love on, and care for dogs every day. What more could a girl ask for?



I joined The Hipster Hound family in April 2023. I’m from California, but my family traveled frequently, and I fell in love with the South. I have a Poodle named Karev (Any Grey’s Anatomy fans will get it!) and two children. Grooming has been my first and only job, and I love it! I love getting to know the dogs and their personalities, as well as their humans!


Yard Attendant

I joined The Hipster Hound family in 2023. I have two dogs name Annie and Sailor. I am very creative and crafty, and I love to cook and bake. My favorite past time is reading. I like working at The Hipster Hound because I like getting to know the dogs’ personalities and also being able to give them “all the lovins”!


Retail Associate

I am originally from North Carolina, but I have been living in Georgia for most of my life. I love all dogs but mainly bigger breed dogs. Before joining The Hipster Hound, I worked at another dog business, but I feel I have found my home here! I have a young son, and my hobbies include arts and crafts like painting and drawing. I also play softball and volleyball.


Yard Attendant/Handler/Bus Driver

I am from Bloomington, Indiana, but I have lived in Savannah for 7 years with my wife of 11 years. We have 4 pets: Copley who is 15, Hattie is 5, Annabelle is 8, and our newest dog, Tilly. I served in the army for 10 years, and I also taught high school. Fun fact: I play the bagpipes and teach lessons!

I like working at The Hipster Hound because the days go by quickly, and it doesn’t really seem like a job. I’m lucky to spend my days working with and caring for dogs. Can it get any better!? If you see me around town driving the Waggin’ Wagon, make sure you say hi!

Jimmy “Whiskey”

Bus Driver/Yard Attendant

My name is Jimmy, but I also answer to Whiskey. I joined The Hipster Hound family in August 2023. My wife and I have a Jack Russell mix, a German Shepherd mix, an American Bully, and one cat. Working at The Hipster Hound is great because the dogs are left in our care, and I’ve become part of the pack!

Fun fact about me: The list of stuff I haven’t done is shorter than the things I HAVE accomplished. “If you always shoot for the moon, you’re at least guaranteed a seat in the stars!”


Yard Attendant/Handler/Shift Leader

I'm a yard attendant at The Hipster Hound, and I haven't found a dog that I don't love to pieces! My favorite part of working at The Hipster Hound is being able to love on the dogs while also keeping their play yard clean and safe for all the fun we have!

I am originally from New York but moved to beautiful Georgia when I got married. We've been here for many years now and still love it! I have a 6-year-old and 5-year-old twins. Collectively, we also have four pet additions: our dog, a cat, and two ball pythons!


Office Coordinator

I’ve been working at The Hipster Hound since August 2020. Initially, my job was “temporary” to help catch up on some office work, but after a few months, Tonya and Nick invited me to stay! My dog, Lily, gets to come play at work with me. I’m usually in the side office when all the dogs arrive in the morning, and I love to greet them as they come in.

I spend my days at The Hipster Hound making sure things run as smoothly as possible. There’s a lot to do behind the scenes to ensure all of our dogs (and their humans) are happy. I like to call myself “support staff” because I pretty much help where I’m needed, whether it’s booking appointments, updating vaccination records, working on the website, or helping organize the weekly bus schedule. I absolutely LOVE making personal connections with our clients. Occasionally, I’ll pop into one of the play yards to spend some time with the dogs. I call it my “puppy fix.”

Kelly Ann

Yard Attendant/Handler

I have lived in Savannah since around 2011 after moving around the world before my dad retired from the Army. I enjoy all things outdoors, spending time with my three kitty cats, and am so lucky to have rescued the most snuggly pittie from the Humane Society!

Working at The Hipster Hound is hands down my favorite job that I’ve ever had! I have learned so much about dogs, and what’s even better is getting to know the pups that come to play and stay with us! Thank you for bringing your babies to hang out with us!


Yard Attendant

Growing up in Savannah, I had three family dogs that lived to their mid- to late teen years! One day, I would like to become a veterinarian, but I like working at The Hipster Hound as a yard attendant in the meantime because it allows me to be around dogs in a stage of life where it is difficult for me to own one. I also enjoy being an Eagle Scout and being part of my church’s handbell choir.


Yard Attendant

I’m from Greeleyville, SC, and I’m currently a student at Savannah State University. I enjoy basketball and fishing. I joined The Hipster Hound in June 2022, and I like working here because it’s a fun, welcoming environment, and being around dogs every day makes me happy!


Yard Attendant

I have been married to my best friend and husband for nine years. We share four fur babies: Buck (15 years old, brown and white Jack Russell Terrier), Jaxxs (9 years old, black Lab Shepherd mix), Teeva (3 years old, grey Pocket Bully mix), and Cleo (1 year old, our “cat-dog”).

We moved to Savannah in February 2017 from the Northern Virginia area while we were full time RVing to find our forever home. We traveled up and down the Southeast coast, and Savannah stole our hearts, so we bought a house and planted roots. I love traveling, roller-skating through the squares of Savannah, teaching Zumba and dance classes, and studying astrology.

I’ve always had a passion for animals, especially dogs. When I saw that The Hipster Hound was hiring, I knew it would be the perfect fit! My favorite thing at The Hipster Hound is that I’m able to work with all types of breeds and aged dogs. The senior hounds are by far my favorites because it shows me that you can live your best life at any age, which is so inspiring! I really look forward to learning, growing, and being a part of The Hipster Hound pack!


Yard Attendant

I am from Savannah and have lived here my whole life here. I love going out on the boat and working with animals. I have one dog, Annie, who is a 13-year-old Pit Bull/Labrador Retriever mix, and two cats, Bagheera and Mowgli. I started working at The Hipster Hound in May 2022, and I have fallen in love with every dog I meet here!


Yard Attendant

I have lived in Atlanta, Orlando, and Savannah. I have one dog, a Great Pyrenees named Gandalf, and one cat named Secret Agent Fish. I like to ride horses as a hobby, and I’m also an illustrator and a Cosplayer. I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan!

I like working at The Hipster Hound because I love seeing the dogs every day. My favorite activity with the dogs is story time with milk and cookies! My personal motto is: “I want to pet all of the dogs.” My dog, Gandalf, comes to work with me, and he is pretty much BFFs with every dog here!