I’m a military brat who moved to Savannah from Germany and am currently studying at SCAD. I work behind the scenes a lot, making sure the dogs are comfortable and happy during their stay at The Hipster Hound. And nothing beats being able to spend time in the yards with all the dogs!

Before I came to The Hipster Hound, I worked at an animal shelter in El Paso, TX. A lot of my love for this job originated from working closely with animals in need and fostering dogs who were waiting for their forever homes. Equally so, I love giving extra time and affection to the Renegade Paws foster dogs who get to stay with us from time to time. I look forward to every day that I get to spend with the wonderful pups at The Hipster Hound!

Alexis (Lexie)

Yard Attendant

My name is Alexis, but I also go by Lexie. I am from Upstate New York, and I moved to Georgia at the end of July 2020. Since I can remember, I always had a dog or two, and now, I have a Peek-A-Poo named Benson. My childhood dream was to work with animals, and that dream has finally come true because I’m working at The Hipster Hound!


Yard Attendant/Handler

I am currently a yard attendant at The Hipster Hound but training to be a handler. I was born in Charleston but raised in Guyton, GA. My mother handed down her passion for animals to me! If we didn’t have at least two cats and two dogs in the house at one time, it just wouldn’t have felt right. When I was five years old, I moved to Georgia to live with my aunt and uncle, where my cousin and I had two horses named Tiny Boy and Fred! Later we added two cockatiels to our home, and somehow, I talked my aunt and uncle into letting me get three parakeets! During my pre-teens, I would spend most Saturdays at a store that hand fed baby birds, and it was the highlight of my week!

Since the age of 18, I’ve been living on my own in beautiful downtown Savannah with my amazing three dogs! I have worked at a corporate grooming salon, and although I have a passion for making animals feel and look their best (and I’m good at it), I wanted a different interaction with animals that I couldn’t get by grooming six dogs in a short day. I then managed to find the most amazing rescue to be a part of: Renegade Paws Rescue. I started off as just a foster parent with them, and now I have many other roles! So far, I have helped find forever homes for at least 30 puppies! I am so happy I get to spend my days being part of making dogs happy, and I can’t believe a place like The Hipster Hound exists, not only for the dogs, but for me!


Shift Leader

Most of my Hipster Hound family knows me as Kida’s mom, my blue Doberman. Born and raised in Savannah, I’ve always had a pet, whether it be a snail, rabbit, hamster, dog, or even a goat! I love animals of all sorts, but my love for animals never had a place in my career until I found my spot at The Hipster Hound!

On my very first day at work here, I knew this was what I was meant to do. I started as a yard attendant, and as time passed, I took on other responsibilities behind the scenes. Now, I am up at the front where I can greet our guests with their fur babies as they arrive or send them home to their humans after a fun day at daycare! What makes it even better is that The Hipster Hound is locally owned and operated. I now have a career that I love and have made a small, extended family here! I can’t wait to see you and your fur babies soon at The Hipster Hound!


Yard Attendant/Handler

I’m from Woodward, OK, but I moved to Savannah as soon as I graduated high school. I guess you could say it was a calling and the best decision I could have made. In 2020, my girlfriend and I became involved with Renegade Paws Rescue. It has been such a rewarding experience to save dogs’ lives every day by volunteering, fostering, and participating in community outreach.

I met Tonya, the owner of The Hipster Hound, when we were avidly planning Wag-O-Ween, and that’s how I became interested in working here. I enjoy my job so much! I spent quite a few years working in the service industry, and I have to say, working with dogs has been such a joy! Basically, my life revolves around dogs, but I couldn’t be happier!


Yard Attendant

I am from Effingham County, GA, but I currently live in Savannah. I study radiation therapy at Georgia Southern University. I was brought to The Hipster Hound because my cousin, Rachael, is a Yard Attendant. I wanted to work here because of my love for animals, specifically dogs. My hobbies include running, hiking, kayaking, and gardening. I have a Labrador/Pitbull mix named Sophia, and I rescued her from the Humane Society for Greater Savannah.


Yard Attendant

I'm originally from Nebraska, and I grew up with dogs my entire life. I've been working at The Hipster Hound since around 2017. I have also volunteered at a local Savannah rescue group called Coastal Pet Rescue. In my free time, I like to play video games.


Retail Associate

I am originally from North Carolina, but I have been living in Georgia for most of my life. I love all dogs but mainly bigger breed dogs. Before joining The Hipster Hound, I worked at another dog business, but I feel I have found my home here! I have a young son, and my hobbies include arts and crafts like painting and drawing. I also play softball and volleyball.


Yard Attendant

I’m from Newton County, Georgia, and I served in the U.S. Navy for eight years. While in the military, I traveled all over the country from Michigan, Texas, California, and even to St. Mary’s in Georgia. I met my wife in California, and we dated for two years before I asked her to come back to Georgia with me. She agreed as long as I promised that we would live near the beach! So that is how we ended up moving to Savannah.

I looked into working for The Hipster Hound because I was a client at first and was happy with their services. I knew when I picked up my dog, Dunkin, for the first time that this was a great place because of how happy he was. Then, when I found out that I could possibly work here AND bring my dog to work, I jumped at the opportunity because I have always had a passion for animals. I knew at ten years old that I wanted to work with animals. Also, as happy as my boy, Dunkin, is at The Hipster Hound, I get to be with him everyday!

As a yard attendant at The Hipster Hound, I play with dogs all day and learn about each one’s personality. I find out every dog’s needs and make sure that they leave daycare everyday as happy as my dog’s first experience was! When I’m at work, I make sure to follow the Golden Rule, “Treat each dog as I would treat my own.” I also ensure that the customers get the best value for letting me take care of their furry family members.

In my free time I like to spend time with my family, hike, go off-roading in my Jeep, garden, be in nature, and read. One of my favorite things to do is explore and meet new people.

Kat (Katherine)

Yard Attendant

I was born and raised in Savannah, and I am hoping to attend Savannah State University. I wanted my first job to be something I love, which is working with animals. My hobbies are reading, drawing, history, gaming, and technology.


Yard Attendant

I am from Boston, MA, but I live in Savannah to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design to study film and television. Unfortunately, I don't have my own dog at the moment, but I would love to rescue one sometime in the future!

Being a yard attendant is a dream job. I have so much fun meeting all the different kinds of dogs! They always make me smile and brighten my day. Working at The Hipster Hound is amazing because it’s like a family. As a yard attendant, I love being able to make sure your dogs have an amazing day. They especially love when I fill the pools for them!


Yard Attendant

I'm a yard attendant at The Hipster Hound, and I haven't found a dog that I don't love to pieces! My favorite part of working at The Hipster Hound is being able to love on the dogs while also keeping their play yard clean and safe for all the fun we have!

I am originally from New York but moved to beautiful Georgia when I got married. We've been here for many years now and still love it! I have a 6-year-old and 5-year-old twins. Collectively, we also have four pet additions: our dog, a cat, and two ball pythons!


Office Coordinator

I’ve been working at The Hipster Hound since August of 2020. Initially, my job was “temporary” to help catch up on some office work, but after a few months, Tonya and Nick invited me to stay! My dog, Lily, gets to come play to work with me. I’m usually in the side office when all the dogs arrive in the morning, and I love to greet them as they come in.

I spend my days at The Hipster Hound making sure things run as smoothly as possible. There’s a lot to do behind the scenes to ensure all of our dogs (and their humans) are happy. I like to call myself “support staff” because I pretty much help where I’m needed, whether it’s booking appointments, updating vaccination records, working on the website, or helping organize the weekly bus schedule. I absolutely LOVE making personal connections with our clients. Occasionally, I’ll pop into one of the play yards to spend some time with the dogs. I call it my “puppy fix.”

I grew up in Spartanburg, SC and studied piano at Anderson University. I am married with two beautiful children: Sarah (20 years old) and Sam (17 years old). We are blessed to live on the Isle of Hope, and we attend St. Thomas Episcopal Church, where I love helping with the youth and playing the guitar. I’ve been a music volunteer at Hospice Savannah since 2011, playing the piano or guitar. It is such an honor to work with an amazing organization and engage with families during such a tough transition.

Kelly Ann

Yard Attendant/Handler

I have lived in Savannah since around 2011 after moving around the world before my dad retired from the Army. I enjoy all things outdoors, spending time with my three kitty cats, and am so lucky to have rescued the most snuggly pittie from the Humane Society!

Working at The Hipster Hound is hands down my favorite job that I’ve ever had! I have learned so much about dogs, and what’s even better is getting to know the pups that come to play and stay with us! Thank you for bringing your babies to hang out with us!


Retail Associate/Yard Attendant

I was born in Savannah but raised in Birmingham, AL. I found out about this job from friends who also work at The Hipster Hound, and I have made even more friends with the amazing staff here! My love of animals comes from my need to help and educate their humans so that everyone can have a better life, whether that is through pet nutrition or dog training.

I also love superheroes. Ask my dog, Kara, who is named after Supergirl! I split my time at The Hipster Hound as a yard attendant and a retail associate. I get the pleasure of getting to know our amazing Hipster Hounds and their two legged humans!


Yard Attendant

Growing up in Savannah, I had three family dogs that lived to their mid- to late teen years! One day, I would like to become a veterinarian, but I like working at The Hipster Hound as a yard attendant in the meantime because it allows me to be around dogs in a stage of life where it is difficult for me to own one. I also enjoy being an Eagle Scout and being part of my church’s hand bell choir.


Yard Attendant

I heard from a family member that The Hipster Hound was the perfect place to work for dog lovers. I really love working here, and I love playing with and interacting with the dogs on a daily basis.

I have three cats at home named Mille, Mimzy, and Max. I also have a Labrador-American Bulldog mix named Samson. Thank you for letting me be a part of your dog’s day!


Yard Attendant

I'm from New York, but I moved to Savannah from Florida to reopen my vintage clothing shop. I started pet sitting while waiting to find the right shop location and never turned back! I've been caring for pets, seniors, and children ever since. I was so excited to join this team because of how involved and supportive The Hipster Hound has been with the local rescue I foster with, Renegade Paws.

When I'm not caring for your babies in daycare, I'm loving on my own babies: my daughter, Coralye, and two dogs, Luna and Emmitt. I love to foster dogs, photograph marsh birds, identity and forage wild mushrooms, hike in the mountains, visit small quaint old towns, and rescue, refurbish, and sell furniture that was destined for the trash. I look forward to meeting you and caring for your fur angels.


Yard Attendant/Handler

I grew up in Delaware, and we always had a family dog. My first was a Border Collie named Molly, the second was a mix named Jake, and now we have a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Xena. My siblings also have dogs, who I love playing with. My other pets have consisted of horses, goats, ducks, parakeets, cats, and more. When I moved to Savannah to study film and TV at SCAD, it was a huge change for me to be away from my animals. It was the first time I didn’t have access to any dogs, and I struggled to get used to it. Luckily, I still get to be around horses because I ride as part of an equestrian team here.

Since I started working at The Hipster Hound in November 2020, I now get all of the four-legged cuddles that I want, and I’ve gotten to know so many dogs who come frequently enough that I really understand their unique personalities. I even took one of the dogs home with me who was in need of a foster family! The best part of the job is making sure every dog gets their tail wag on!


Yard Attendant/Handler

I was born in Atlanta, but I was raised in Savannah. I attended Savannah Arts Academy for high school and then went to the Art Institute of Chicago. I joined The Hipster Hound because I felt it was a great opportunity to care for and look out for the family members we love so much.

As a yard attendant, I spend a lot of time with your little ones, but I will be training to become a handler soon, so I’ll be working more behind the scenes and taking on more responsibilities. I have one dog named Patch, and he’s a Schnoodle! Thanks for trusting me with your little ones! It makes my day to make theirs the best it can be!


Retail Associate/Yard Attendant

I’m originally from Columbus, OH, but I’ve been living in Savannah since 2011. I’ve been working at The Hipster Hound since October of 2018. I started as a pet sitter, and when we expanded and opened the Diamond Causeway location, I started working there.

I have one dog named Lucy, a Chiweenie. In my free time, I love to lift weights, travel, go for walks, and spend time at the beach. Thank you for letting me take care of your fur babies!