Hipster Hounds play hard during the day, so at night they need a place to renew mind, body and spirit. At The Hipster Hound, our private dog boarding kennels are quiet and comfortable, to ensure your Hipster Hound settles in for a cozy night's sleep.

What You Can Expect
Our Hipster Hounds start the morning with a potty break and play time, followed up with breakfast in a private suite. After breakfast, they move to their individual play groups where they spend the rest of the day playing with their friends. While you’re away, you can be sure they’re having just as much fun (or more!) than you are. At the end of the day, dinner is served to our guests in their private kennel. Hipster Hounds are always fed separately.

Fur guests enjoy all-day free play daycare and at night, they get tucked in, to individual dog boarding kennels for a sound, safe sleep. Our overnight guests have a full range of boarding options. Whether they stay in our standard dog boarding kennels or in one of our private family suites (details below), each pup has his or her own space for sleep and rest. We want The Hipster Hound to be your dog's home away from home. If your hound has a favorite bed or stuffed toy that helps them sleep, we encourage you to bring it to make their stay more comfortable.

To help ensure your pup’s continued comfort and health, we clean and sanitize daily. Most importantly, your dog is monitored with cameras that are linked to security services at night. Our pet boarding facilities are always immaculate. We will give your Hipster Hound any needed medications at no additional charge. We don't believe you should have to pay extra to keep your dog healthy.

If we feel a dog needs to be in a private play yard or one is requested by the owner, there will be a $10 per day upcharge for daycare and boarding.

To help make your pet’s stay more comfortable and feel more like home, we ask parents to bring their pup’s personal bedding, food, treats and toys (no raw hides or balls, please). We’ll take care of the rest, including food bowls. Our own house food recipe is available for $1.50 per meal.

Daycare is included in every dog boarding stay. On the last day of boarding there is a grace period until 11:30 a.m. on day of pick-up. After that, an additional daycare charge applies, NOT another night of boarding. Have multiple fur babies to board? Additional pups can be boarded in the same kennel or suite and receive a multi-pet family discount.

Want a clean pup at pick-up? We can schedule a go-home bath and/or nails so your pup is fresh and clean when it’s time to leave.

To ensure we have enough space for our overnight guests, we require reservations.


Boarding Rates

Rates include doggy daycare and night charge. 

1-6 nights $40 per night
7-20 nights $38 per night
21+ nights $36 per night


Sibling rates

1-6 nights $38 per night
7-20 nights $36 per night
21+ nights $34 per night


  • Boarding dogs have to be picked-up by 11:30 a.m. Pick-up after 11:30 a.m. will be charged for a full day of daycare.
  • No half day boarding prices
  • Day Care packages CANNOT be used for boarding.
  • Bath during daycare or boarding visit: $15
  • Nail trim: $10
  • $10 per day for private play yard

All in the Family
We try to keep families boarding with us together in the same family suites. This allows housemates the comfort of sleeping together just like at home. However, during extra busy boarding times, such as holidays, we can’t guarantee every family will be in a suite.

Individual Hipster Hounds may stay in the larger private, family suites for an additional $15 per night, when available.


The Hipster Hound Location

Full Service Dog Boarding is available at our 115 Echols Avenue location (behind the Kroger Marketplace). Call us (912-436-6560) or click below to make an appointment.