What are the hours for pick-up and drop-off?

We’re open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can pick-up or drop-off anytime during these hours. On your departure day, if your dog is picked up before 11:30 a.m., you will not incur the daycare fee for that day. If picked up after 11:30 a.m. on your departure day, a late pickup charge will be added to your bill.

Can I tour the facility?

Yes! We offer tours of our facility every day of the week, no appointment needed. However, we do recommend coming between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., as the early morning and evening hours can be quite busy with arrivals and departures. Although we cannot allow non-employees to go into the warehouse, you can see the inside and outside play area on our video screens.

What vaccinations does my dog need?

Your dog needs to be current on the following vaccinations: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella (the vaccine for canine cough). We also strongly encourage dogs to have the K9 Flu vaccine, as we take dogs from other states who are either visiting or moving to Savannah. All dogs must be on some type of flea preventative and be worm free.

How long does a temperament evaluation last?

We ask that you leave your dog with us for at least 4 hours, but feel free to let them play all day. During this time, we will interact with your dog and determine the best group play for their personality. If for some reason we feel that your dog would not do well in a group play setting, we will call you immediately with a report. There is a charge for the evaluation. 

What if my dog is not a good fit to play with other dogs?

Not to worry! Many dogs, like many people, are just not comfortable around a lot of other dogs. That is why we offer private play yards. With our private play yards, your dog will spend the day in his or her own space, including a 8x8 private outside play area as well as one on one interaction with a yard attendant in our larger big play yards several times throughout the day.

Do you have any breed restrictions?

We no longer allow the following breeds:

  • American Pit Bull Terriers
  • Bull Terriers, including miniature
  • American Staffordshire Terriers
  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers
  • Cane Corsos
  • Dogo Argentina Bull Terriers
  • Belgian malinois

We have based our policy, regarding bully breeds, on several factors. We take the safety of all of our dogs, as well as our employees, seriously. To that end, we opted to only offer in-home services to new clients with bully breeds or they can stay in a private play yard.

What type of collar should my dog wear?

We require dogs to have on collars with quick-release clasps. We do not allow dogs with buckle, martingale, pinch, seresto/pheromone or other type collars in the play yards. We kindly ask that you label your dog's leash and collar with their first and last name.

How old does my dog have to be to attend daycare and/or board?

At least 4 months old. We want to ensure that all dogs have enough time to develop a stable immune system before they are in a facility with other dogs and have finished all of their puppy shots and boosters.

How is my dog’s play group determined?

During their initial $30 temperament evaluation, we consider many factors like age, size, play style and energy level. We have three different play yards; one for small dogs, one for younger, more active dogs and one for mature dogs. We base playgroups on where your dog is the most comfortable even if that means a smaller dog can hold its own in the active yard or a large dog does better with smaller dogs.

Can my dogs stay together?

Yes, dogs from the same family can stay together in the same suite providing we have a family suite available at time of booking. Please note, it is our policy to separate dogs boarding together during feeding time. If your dogs prefer to eat together, please just let our staff know at check-in.

Can you administer my dog’s medication?

Yes, we will gladly administer medications to your dog while they are in our care for no additional charge. At drop-off, please notify our team that your dog has medication. You will then be given a form to fill out detailing your dog’s medication, time of day to be given and how often.

Why is my dog so tired after playing at Hipster Hound?

Some dogs may be tired or even a little sore for a day or two after daycare or boarding with us. This is because most of them play hard and get a lot of exercise while they are here. Even though they have rest areas available to them in each of our playrooms, most of them choose to play for a good portion of the day, which may be more than they are used to at home.

Why is my dog thirsty after attending daycare?

Your dog has access to water at all times during both daycare and boarding. There are several containers of fresh water in each play yard, both inside and out, that are freshened up several times throughout the day. Even though we have water available throughout the day, some dogs just don’t want to stop playing to frequently drink water. Also, all dogs have an individual bowl of water in their bedroom, if they’re boarding with us. However, as with being tired, the increase in activity may also increase your dog’s water intake. Don’t be alarmed if they want to drink more water than usual when they get home (though you should encourage them to drink slowly and small amounts at a time, to prevent vomiting).

Can my dog get hurt playing in daycare?

Just like children who play on playgrounds (in daycare or at school), can get hurt from time to time, dogs playing with each other can get hurt too. Because dogs play with their mouths and paws and like to wrestle around on the ground with each other, minor scratches can occur. Although injuries are rare, they can still happen. If an injury does occur, you are responsible for any medical expenses for your dog, as you would be for a child. Please be sure you are comfortable with this before allowing your dog to play with other dogs. If you are not, our Private Play Yards are always an option; however, most owners find the benefits of allowing their dog to play, outweigh the risks.

Can my dog get sick while Boarding or at Daycare?

Your pet can be exposed to diseases regardless of where they are, whether at home, at a dog park, taking a walk in your neighborhood, or staying at our facility. However, the risk of contracting a disease is quite low when proper vaccinations are administered (as we require). In addition, we maintain very high sanitation standards and we do everything we can to prevent transmittable diseases from occurring in our facilities. We do ask if your dog is presenting any symptoms that may be contagious (coughing, sneezing, watery eyes) to please not bring your dog into our facility. If a dog starts presenting with symptoms while staying with us, they will be quarantined until they can go home.

Do dog fights happen during group play?

Although dog fights are rare, they can still occur, as we are dealing with animals after all. Our staff continually monitors play to ensure all dog interactions are friendly and playful. If a dog fight does break out and injuries happen, parents of the dogs will be called and the dog that started the fight will be responsible for any medical charges.

Does my dog need to be on a leash when arriving or leaving Hipster Hound?

Yes! All dogs are required to be on a leash at all times when coming or going. This is for the safety of your dog, especially in our parking lot. This will also help keep the lobby environment calm, avoid any confrontations and keep dogs from running away if the lobby door is opened.

Can you care for dogs that are ill or have special medical needs?

If your dog has something that is contagious or that could possibly be contagious (for example, coughing, runny nose or sneezing), do not bring your dog to The Hipster Hound until your veterinarian has confirmed they are no longer a risk to other dogs. You may be asked to provide a statement from your veterinarian confirming that it is safe for us to admit your dog. However, because we have a large number of staff members available, The Hipster Hound can be a great place for dogs who have non-contagious medical needs. It is important to keep in mind, there are other dogs in the facility, so if your dog has a compromised immune system or other health issues, you should discuss your plans with your veterinarian before deciding to board them in any facility. Remember, The Hipster Hound cannot be held responsible if your dog becomes ill during or after their stay.

Is my dog able to go outside?

Yes. All dogs who attend daycare and/or boarding have full access to the indoor and outdoor play areas. On beautiful days, we leave the door open to the outside, so dogs can run in and out as often as they want while playing. During extremely hot, cold or rainy days, the dogs play inside our climate-controlled warehouse with frequent bathroom breaks.

My dog usually eats lunch at home. Can he do this while he is at daycare or boarding?

Absolutely! We offer lunch service to dogs (also for no additional charge). Just bring your dog's food in a ziplock bag or other container clearly labeled with their name and let our staff know that you would like for your dog to be served lunch while they are here. If your dog is in daycare, we will remove them from the playroom at lunchtime and place them in one of our private bedrooms to eat. We require all dogs that eat lunch to rest for a while before going back into the playroom for their digestive health.

Do I need to bring my dog’s food if they are boarding?

We typically recommend bringing your dog’s food from home, as a lot of dogs do better staying on their regular diet from home and have less trouble with upset stomachs from switching foods. However, we do serve a house food (usually Victor Multi Pro), at a minimal added cost of $2- per meal, if you prefer.  It's wheat, corn and soy free with chicken and vegetables. If your pet has any food allergies or dietary concerns, we recommend supplying your own food. If you do decide to bring your own food, we recommend bringing it in pre-portioned resealable baggies. This ensures that we have plenty of food for your dog’s stay. If you do not pre-portion the food, it does need to be in a resealable container or bag. We also have a refrigerator and microwave to prepare special diets. If your dog is boarding with us for five days or more, you may want to consider increasing the amount of food your dog eats, due to their increased activity level.

What else can I bring?

We provide cots, beds or blankets for all of our overnight guests. However, if you want them to have something soft and snuggly from home, you can bring in a bed or favorite blanket. If you do bring a bed, we ask that it will easily fit in a washer and dryer. Toys are permitted, but we ask that you limit them to two or three of their favorite toys. Your dog’s toys will stay with them in their bedrooms and we do our best to return all toys, but we are not responsible if a toy is lost or destroyed. You can also feel free to bring treats, but please, no rawhide treats. Please label everything with your dog’s first and last name.

What if my pet becomes ill or requires medical attention during their stay?

In the event that your pet requires medical attention, we will refer to your contact list and make every attempt to reach you or your designated emergency contact. If we are unable to contact you or your emergency contact and we feel your dog needs medical attention, we will transport your pet to their regular veterinarian, if close by, to ensure continuity of care. If your veterinarian is not near our facility, we will go to one of the local veterinarians that we know. If we believe that the situation is urgent or if your dog needs care after regular hours, we will take your pet to the closest veterinary emergency clinic. If a vet visit is required, the vet bill will be added to your daycare or boarding invoice.

My pet lost weight during their boarding visit, is this normal?

It is natural for dogs to lose a little weight while boarding. Most of the weight loss is due to excitement of being with other guests and the exercise they receive playing with their friends. Your dog is getting constant activity that is not the same as their more sedentary lifestyle at home. Therefore, they burn a lot more calories during their boarding visit, which is why we recommend increasing their food slightly. In addition, some dogs may not eat all of their food or any food during some feedings since they are in a different environment and may also lose a pound or two for this reason. If we see this is happening, we will add pumpkin or wet food to entice him to eat.

Does my dog need to be neutered or spayed?

Yes, mixed dogs need to be neutered and all female dogs spayed by six months old. We understand veterinarians now recommend full-blooded, large breed male dogs not get neutered until a year old or longer. While we will try to accommodate these new rules, it does depend on how well he gets along with other dogs. If not being neutered starts interfering with group play, then your pet will not be allowed to be in group play until after he is neutered. All females must be spayed by six months old.

What is your cancellation policy for boarding?

The Hipster Hound reserves the right to charge a portion of the boarding stay at time of booking. During extremely busy times (holidays, spring breaks, etc) The Hipster Hound will charge half of the boarding stay at time of booking.  For non-holiday boarding, if cancellation occurs in writing two weeks prior to boarding start date a full refund will be given.  If cancellation occurs one week prior then half of the paid amount will be refunded. If cancellation occurs three or less days or you "no show" then no refund will be given.  For holiday boarding, cancellations must be made two weeks or more to get any refund.  Less than two weeks for holiday boarding, The Hipster Hound reserves the right to keep the full deposit. All cancellations must be emailed in at officemanager@hipsterhound.net.