Learn to communicate with your dog with our Dog Training Classes.

We have partnered with At My Side K9 Dog Trainer, Ben Hutchinson, to offer beginner training classes at our 1 Diamond Causeway, Suite 13 facility.

Learn to communicate with your dog! This class is perfect for dogs 5 months and older with or without training. Come socialize your dog and learn how to fix your biggest problems such as:
  • No more jumping on guests
  • Basic manners: Sit and Stay
  • No more pulling on the leash
  • Come when called
  • And, more!

Our Dog Training Program in Savannah is a four week, 1-hour class for only $150. Only six dogs per class so reserve your spot today. Prepayment is required to reserve your spot. Proof of rabies vaccination is required.

We are excited to be training dogs in the Savannah, GA area. 

You are likely visiting our website because you're either a new puppy owner or experiencing some stress with an older dog.  No worries, help is on the way! Hipster Hound’s dog-friendly and kind training methods produce quick results.  In fact, it's not unusual to have what were once "out of control dogs" behaving nicely -- sitting and waiting calmly on a leash.  You will have a better understanding on how to correct your pup by the end of the first training class! 

Puppies can be a challenge for new first-time dog owners and sometimes your dog needs to relearn some basic manners.    

Savannah Dog Training Classes 

First Class -- 9am

Second Class -- 10:30am

Hipster Hound does not use physically or mentally abusive training methods. Instead we use balanced training by rewarding good behavior and correcting bad behavior in an understandable and proportionate way.

We do use treats at first as the primary motivator but will teach you other reward methods to get the results you want. 

Each dog we train is a new opportunity to make a difference in a family's life in Savannah, GA and we consider it an honor to be part of this transformation!  

If you don’t think dog class is for you and would like more one on one training you may contact our trainer, Ben Hutchison from At My Side Dog Training, at 401-932-3509