Hipster Hounds and Cool Cats understand they always need to look and feel their best.  That's why they only want to shop at The Hipster Hound Retail Boutique. 

Get in my Belly!  Hipster Hound Retail Pet Store in Savannah GA

They know we only carry natural foods manufactured by independent pet food companies from the US and New Zealand with responsibly sourced ingredients-nothing from China! All the foods we carry are wheat, corn and soy free and have a wide selection for a variety of diets and all stages of life. We carry both grain free and grain inclusive as well as single source protein formulas. We also carry goat's milk and bone broths to supplement your pet's diets even more. 

Treat Yo Self at Our Retail Pet Store in Savannah GA

Hipster Hounds love to shop from our natural chew bar or pick from a variety of bagged treats, including our own Hipster Hound brand of all-natural bites. We also carry our very own brand of FroDog Frozen Yogurt manufactured in house. Order a special occasion cake-handmade in our bakery. 


Let your Hipster Hound or Cool Cat go out in style with awesome, unique collars, harnesses, leashes or a new bandana.  We pride ourselves on the fact that the majority of our products are manufactured in the US. 

Sweet Dreams

You play hard so some days are better just lounging around so get cozy in a super comfy bed.  We offer a large selection of different types of beds that are stylish for your home as well as functional for your pet. 

Look'n Good

Hipster Hounds will only put natural ingredients on their coats.  All our shampoos are natural and manufactured in the US.  Choose from a variety of shampoos and sprays for different coats, hot spots, fleas and other skin conditions.  

Retail pet stores have healthy, American-made food and stylish treats for dogs and cats in Savannah, GA.

The Hipster Hound Retail Boutique is the place in Savannah for healthy, fun and unusual treats for your furry babies.

Your pet will enjoy tasty, natural meals, stylish leashes and comfy beds, among the many attractions at our retail pet food store.

When it comes to food, this is the really good stuff. No inferior products from China!

We carry only natural foods manufactured with responsibly sourced ingredients. The manufacturers are independent pet food companies in the United States and New Zealand.  Our wheat, corn and soy-free products fit a great variety of diets and ages. You also can choose from grain-free and grain-inclusive, single source protein formulas, goat's milk and bone broths, among other tasty, healthful treats.

We’re a Savannah business started and owned by a local family, not some chain. The Hipster Hound Retail Boutique is at 1 Diamond Causeway in the Kroger Shopping Center next to Pizza Hut. In addition to pet food, baked goods and other supplies, this location provides doggy daycare, grooming, and a self-serve dog wash. Questions? Call 912-349-7640

We also have a location at 115 Echols Avenue in midtown Savannah. Its services include indoor and outdoor dog boarding and doggy daycare. The number there is (912) 436-6560

Our Savannah retail pet food store offers homemade treats

Your best friend will enjoy our natural chew bar and bagged treats. Try our own Hipster Hound brand of all-natural bites and our very own FroDog Frozen Yogurt.

These are manufactured in-house, not in some faraway plant! These treats are made with all-natural ingredients. They are fresh-baked in small batches and then dehydrated to maintain freshness. They’re healthy and paw licking good!

The selections in our retail pet food store cover all your needs: dry food, wet food, freeze-dried raw food, dehydrated food and frozen food and chews.

Another bonus: You can up the fashion game for your Cool Cat or your Hipster Hound.  We offer eye-catching collars, harnesses, leashes and bandanas that will have your pet looking and feeling extra good!

Many products in our retail pet food store in Savannah are made in America

Here’s another way to keep your pet in style and healthy: All our shampoos contain only natural ingredients. These shampoos – all made in the U.S. of A – can work miracles for hot spots, different coats, fleas and other skin problems.  

We have a huge selection of toys that will keep your pet occupied and active. He or she also will enjoy our beds and blankets for a well-deserved rest. They’re great for your pet –and they look good in your home, too.

Come see us at The Hipster Hound Retail Boutique, in the Kroger Shopping Center next to Pizza Hut. While you’re there, enjoy our other services -- doggy daycare, grooming, and a self-serve dog wash. Call 912-349-7640

And remember that our midtown Savannah location, at 115 Echols Avenue, provides doggy daycare and both indoor and outdoor dog boarding. (912) 436-6560

People Stuff Available at The Hipster Hound Retail Pet Store in Savannah

Gift yourself with a fun, unique item made just for our humans. 

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