A Hipster Hound knows they always have to look their best-that’s why when it comes to dog grooming in Savannah, they know our experienced, gentle groomers will take care of their hygiene and have them strutting in style.

The family-owned Hipster Hound offers knowledgeable grooming and is adept at safely handling dogs that balk at the notion of being groomed. Dog Grooming is essential for the health and well-being of all dogs.

Our expert dog groomers wash, trim, dry and style a dog’s coat, taking care to make your pet comfortable throughout the process. Your dog may not appreciate the grooming at the time, but you are making him/her healthier. Big dog, small dog, longhair, shorthair or in between, rambunctious puppy or mellow oldster, we work well with each pet and will follow your wishes.

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We have two locations:

115 Echols Ave
Savannah, GA

Kroger Shopping Center
1 Diamond Causeway, Unit 13 (next to Pizza Hut)
Savannah, GA

If you would rather bathe your dog yourself, we have an excellent self-service dog wash facility at our Diamond Causeway location in Savannah GA.

Grooming dogs in Savannah GA

Hipster Hound has all the tools needed to safely and effectively groom your dog. We use safe, natural, environmentally friendly shampoo as part of the washing process. We also trim nails and clean the dog’s ears and eyes so your fur baby will look their best.

It’s all part of Hipster Hound’s efforts to provide a healthier pet. You might want to reward your pup with some of our wholesome, handmade dog treats – no gluten, soy or corn. These treats contain only natural ingredients, and they are fresh!

Best Full-service Dog Care Center in Savannah GA

Hipster Hound offers many services for pet-owners, including boarding and doggy day care. Our midtown Savannah location at 115 Echols Avenue provides both dog boarding and doggy daycare. 

The services at our Kroger Shopping Center location in Savannah include doggy daycare, Dog Grooming, the self-serve dog wash, and a pet boutique for the Cool Cat or Hipster Hound in your life! 

Grooming services are by appointment only Tues - Sat at our 1 Diamond Causeway location or every Mon and Tues at our Echols Ave location.

Grooming Pricing
Download our pricing sheet below as prices vary depending on breed, size, age, temperament, and coat condition of the dog.

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Existing Clients

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