Product Profile: Tropiclean Dental and Shampoos

At The Hipster Hound, I pride myself on encouraging my mom, Tonya, to carry only the BEST products. And as THE original Hipster Hound, Rex, I also want to use products from companies who really care about pets, people, and the whole world. So we started carrying products by Tropiclean, and they couldn’t be a better company to work with. The Hipster Hound sells many Tropiclean products, but I want to showcase two of our FAVORITE ones for dental hygiene and grooming.

About Tropiclean
From the very beginning, the Kassebaum family has been passionate about creating natural, healthy products to improve and enrich the lives of pets, their people, and those in need around the world. Through innovation and creativity, USA-made Tropiclean has developed leading products in the industry, like their luxurious pet shampoos and their easy-to-use fresh breath oral care products, giving both pets and people a better life. Their products’ success enables the family to accomplish their deep desire to give back and help those in need all over the globe.

Giving back is at the heart and passion of the Tropiclean family. A generous portion of Tropiclean’s revenue goes directly to their nonprofit organization, Gifts of Love International, supporting the poor, widowed, and orphaned in countries like Guatemala, Haiti, and beyond. The commitment of the Kassebaum family and support of TropiClean has allowed Gifts of Love International to build an orphanage, feed thousands, and provide homes for many.

Tropiclean Dental
Tropiclean’s Toothbrush Kit should be your go-to dental cleaning pack. It includes a TripleFlex toothbrush, finger brush, and brushing gel for dogs. The brushing gel is infused with green tea leaf extract which naturally defends against plaque and tartar, clinging to their teeth for a superior clean. Then, the TripleFlex toothbrush cleans three times faster with its easy 360-degree bristles. Finally, the finger brush allows you to gently clean, helping dissolve plaque and tartar.

Tropiclean Shampoo
Just one example of Tropiclean’s amazing shampoo line is Papaya & Coconut 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner. It’s made with papaya, coconut, and other tropical ingredients to pamper your pet in a rich, luxurious lather. The mild coconut cleanser gently cleanses fur of dirt and oils from playtime and head pats, while the papaya and kiwi replenish the natural moisture balance of the skin and coat. Rich botanical conditioners result in a healthy sheen, while also preventing dry skin and tangled fur. With routine bathing, this luxury 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner will keep your pup’s skin and coat stay soft, shiny, and looking great!

Where to Buy
I encourage all humans to check out all the Tropiclean products The Hipster Hound sells on our website OR stop by our Diamond Causeway location where we have a bunch in stock. Our experienced staff will be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect Tropiclean product for your best furry friend!


Rex, The Original Hipster Hound

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