The Wonderful World of Dog Supplements

Every morning, I watch my mom, Tonya, and dad, Nick, take their multivitamins to stay healthy, but then I started wondering if I needed some kind of supplement to stay healthy, too! As if my mom read my mind, she started bringing home a bunch of different types of supplements from The Hipster Hound for me and my siblings to try! And now, I can’t imagine going a day without taking them. Below are a few of my favorite supplements and how good they are for me!

Multivitamins for dogs are very similar to multivitamins for humans! They contain many different types of vitamins and minerals that dogs need to support general health. Dogs, like humans, need Vitamins A, B (including B-12 and B-6), C, D, E, K, and a few other minerals, but they need them in different amounts. Adding a multivitamin can help create a balanced diet for your furry companion. Just like my human parents, I take a multivitamin every day like Tropiclean Life Multivitamin Dog Supplement at The Hipster Hound.

Omega molecules are known to be good for skin and hair health in humans, but for dogs, they are responsible for healthy skin and fur, as well as heart health, cognitive function, and more! Dogs actually can’t create their own omegas because of how their bodies work with chemical bonds, so these essential nutrients must be obtained from external sources, like fish oil. I love Tropiclean Life Skin & Coat Dog Supplement, Nature's Logic Sardine Oil, and Ultra Oil and Coat Supplement from The Hipster Hound!

Glucosamine is found naturally in the cartilage that cushions joints, and when both humans and animals have arthritis, the cartilage is worn away. That is where glucosamine supplements for joint pain come in. Current research suggests that taking glucosamine supplements can help to relieve the pain caused by inflammation and the degradation of the cartilage in joints. In theory, these dog vitamins support joint health and are a great addition to add to any dog’s diet. Primal Frozen Bone Broth and joint supplement chews from The Hipster Hound have a TON of glucosamine in it because they’re made from bones - duh!

Just like with humans, probiotic supplements for dogs are used to aid digestive health and regularity. Probiotic nutritional supplements help to regulate the good bacteria in the digestive system that help to break down dog food so that nutrients can be better extracted. They can also inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that can make both humans and dogs sick, like E. coli. The best probiotic, in my opinion, is Tropiclean Life Probiotic Dog Supplement or Under the Weather Probiotics from The Hipster Hound!


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