Rex’s Doggy Daycare

When my mom, Tonya, first rescued me, she worked all day away from home and couldn’t spend as much time with me as I needed. She would come home from work to find me stressed-out and hyperactive. I was really bored and depressed when I was alone each day, so I started to experience separation anxiety when she would leave. I would chew her furniture, bark, howl, and cry all day long. Finally, my mom realized that I needed exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization to stay happy and healthy.

Mom searched all over Savannah for a doggy daycare program, but we never found one that fit our schedule. Luckily, my mom quit her job and opened her own doggy daycare- The Hipster Hound! And let me tell you, it has been a real lifesaver for our entire family as I have six furry siblings and they are all mischievous.

What is Doggy Daycare?
Doggy daycare works a lot like daycare for children. Dog parents drop their dogs off in the morning on their way to work, or a shuttle bus can pick up my dog friends from their homes. While our parents are gone, us dogs will get PLENTY of attention. Our days are filled with fun as we play with the other dogs in the yards and in the pool. My friends really enjoy playing with other dogs and socializing with people. We get to play all day running from inside to outside. The outside has doggy safe turf that doesn’t hurt our paws and mom likes it that we don’t get dirty. This is so much better than waiting all day, locked inside the house!

Benefits of Doggy Daycare
A fully-staffed doggy daycare facility offers a TON of activities for social dogs like me. We get to sniff new butts, play, chase, wrestle, and bask in the sun. The Hipster Hound even has pools for us to splash in on a hot summer day! I play so much all day that when I get home I’m exhausted, and my mom is happy about that because she says I stay out of mischief when I’m tired. A tired dog is a happy dog, after all!

Many pups who are new to doggy daycare can be scared and nervous of new humans and dogs. But the trained staff works patiently with each dog until he or she has gained the confidence and social skills to make new dog and human friends.

Safety First
Trained staff keeps us busy in HUGE indoor and outdoor play areas, supervising all dogs to make sure we play safe. Play-yard attendants are trained to prevent dog-dog aggression and break up dog fights, which occasionally happen if one dog is getting a little TOO friendly! The staff is also trained by PetTech International in Pet CPR, First Aid, and Senior Care. I, personally, know a PetTech instructor who works at The Hipster Hound and will even teach dog parents Pet CPR and First Aid in classes offered throughout the year!

All dogs at doggy daycare must be healthy in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and parasites. Our parents are required to present proof of our current vaccinations. They also need to provide current contact information for themselves and our veterinarians in case of an emergency.

Find a Doggy Daycare Near You
The Hipster Hound offers TWO locations for doggy daycare - one on Echols Avenue in Savannah and the other on Diamond Causeway on Skidaway Island. The doggy daycare at the Echols Avenue location is open seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., and the doggy daycare at the Diamond Causeway location is open Mondays through Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

To schedule your pup’s doggy daycare evaluation and temperament test ($20), call (912) 436-6560 for the Echols Avenue location or (912) 349-7640 for the Diamond Causeway location.


Rex, The Original Hipster Hound

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