Warm weather is drawing many people outdoors to enjoy fresh air, but let’s remember that life on the Georgia coast has drawbacks for dogs and other pets.  The Hipster Hound, a Savannah pet specialty business, offers these tips to help dog-owners keep their pets healthy during the summer months.

Even if your dog is a strong swimmer or not; a life jacket is essential for every dog living near water. Many dogs love boat rides, walking on the beach or lounging by the pool and a lifejacket will help your dog stay afloat if they accidentally fall in. We recommend  https://www.hipsterhound.net/products/kurgo-surf-n-turf-dog-life-jacket?_pos=1&_sid=10d73098e&_ss=r

The dog’s life jacket needs a handle you can use to easily pull them from the water. A front flotation pad will keep the dog’s head out of the water, and a bright color will help you spot them easier.

 Beware hot feet

 Summer sand and asphalt get extremely hot and can damage a dog’s paws.   Keep her on a blanket at the beach and minimize walking on streets if you must go out during the day. If possible, keep walking to early mornings and late evenings when things have had a chance to cool down. Protect your dog’s paws with https://www.hipsterhound.net/products/natural-dog-pawtection?_pos=1&_sid=00171f0ef&_ss=r

 Better yet, let her stay in the shade so she doesn’t overheat and get heat stroke.   Dogs can get sunburn just as humans do, especially if they have short or light coats.  If your dog does get burned or dry skin you can nourish their coat with https://www.hipsterhound.net/products/skin-soother?_pos=1&_sid=746d1e7fc&_ss=r

Always carry plenty of fresh drinking water

If you feel thirsty, imagine how your furry pet feels!  Make sure your dog stays hydrated.  Never leave your dog alone in a parked car.  If you’re riding in a car with your dog, make sure he has a bowl full of water.  Better yet, make a “splash” and give your dog a child-sized pool so she can be cool and comfortable!

Hipster Hound: Pack a first-aid kit for your dog

 Dogs get hurt in all sorts of ways, whether at home, the park or elsewhere. 

CanineJournal.com lists the leading causes:

  • Sprained wrist and knee joints
  • Ingesting foreign objects
  • getting hit by vehicle
  • Being bitten by other animals
  • Poisoning
  • Torn or broken nails
  • Heat strokes or dehydration
  • Eye injuries

You can make your own kit or buy one to handle emergencies and minimize your pet’s suffering.  Recommended items include:

 For expert dog grooming, visit Hipster Hound in Savannah, Ga.

 Keep your dog clean and healthy. Put her in the hands of the veteran groomers at Hipster Hound.    They will wash, trim, dry and style your dog’s coat.

 Protect your dog from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes

 Take the appropriate steps to guard your dog from fleas, heartworm, Lyme disease and other pest related illnesses.  Check your dog for ticks. Medicine will help prevent fleas and heartworm. Check out the selection of flea and tick items at hipsterhound.net, including our own brand of Shoo Poo and Spray. A natural bug repellent safe for humans and dogs https://www.hipsterhound.net/products/shoo-spray?_pos=12&_sid=4351aa756&_ss=r

 Take care around noisy gatherings

 Summer means fun outdoor activities for humans but not so fun for your pets. Many pets are terrified of fireworks, a standard feature of July Fourth celebrations.  These gatherings also mean lots of food that’s not safe for your pet to eat like chicken bones and fatty foods.  It’s always best to make sure you keep your dogs inside in a safe place during this time or better yet, let them come play at doggy daycare. Other safety tips-make sure your pets are microchipped and have a pet tag on their collar in case they get spooked and run away.  Stock up on calming aids or fun treats they can have so they aren’t missing out on the fun.

 Practice safe hiking

 There’s nothing better for dog and their human than a walk in the woods.

 But stay alert for snakes and other creatures that can hurt your dog.

 Hipster Hound offers grooming, boarding and much more

 We have two locations in Savannah, Ga:

115 Echols Ave

Kroger Shopping Center

1 Diamond Causeway, Unit 13 (next to Pizza Hut)

 The family-owned Hipster Hound offers knowledgeable grooming and is adept at safely handling dogs that balk at the notion of being bathed.

Grooming is essential for dogs. It gets their fur clean and cut for warmer weather.

Our expert groomers wash, trim, dry and style a dog’s coat, taking care to make your pet comfortable throughout the process. Your dog may not appreciate the grooming at the time, but you are making him/her healthier.

 Big dog, small dog, longhair, shorthair or in between, rambunctious puppy or mellow oldster, we work well with each pet and will follow your wishes.

 Questions?   Contact Us!

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