About The The Hipster Hound Give-A-Fluff Foster Challenge

Our local animal rescues are seeing an unprecedented amount of animal surrenders this year – up a whopping 50% over last year and the year isn’t even over! So The Hipster Hound is challenging YOU to be part of the solution.

Savannah's pet rescues are in desperate need of monetary donations for medical bills, food, and supplies, but the biggest obstacle the rescues are facing is a lack of foster homes. Without foster homes, the rescues can’t pull dogs and cats out of the shelters thus raising euthanasia rates. These innocent animals are dying because humans have failed them. But YOU can GIVE-A-FLUFF and help in the following ways:

Become a Pet Foster Parent

As a pet foster parent, you will provide a safe and loving home for a dog or cat to live in until they get adopted. The rescues pay 100% of their medical bills, food, supplies, and any professional behavior training they may need. You may be asked to bring the pet to adoption events.

Volunteer Your Time

If you can’t provide a foster home, you can help drive foster pets to adoption events, vet appointments, or training appointments.

Donate Money or Supplies

It takes thousands of dollars to save our community's dogs and cats, and the rescues rely solely on donations in the form of money or supplies like food, pee pads, kennels, etc. The rescues are asked to take on terrible cases that require surgery like amputations, skin grafts, and more.

Rescue Success Stories

One Love Animal Rescue

Willow Joy was found on the side of the road in horrible shape. She had skin and ear infections, tested heartworm positive, was underweight, and was completely defeated. One Love Animal Rescue welcomed her into the family and fixed this gal up! She is now happily in her forever home and even became the star in a SCAD photoshoot.

Renegade Paws Rescue

Reginald was found by a kind soul, wandering around an industrial district. When he was brought to Renegade Paws Rescue, he weighed only 38 lbs. and was covered in dirt. Upon further inspection, Reginald was in very bad shape. He had several open wounds, skin infections, fractures, a dented skull, blindness in his right eye, ground-down teeth, torn-up ears, and heartworms. They highly suspected that he had been held as a bait dog for dog fighting. If Reginald hadn't been rescued, he would have died within another 24 to 48 hours. But Renegade Paws immediately stepped in and paid for all of his medical treatments from donations, and he went to live with a foster family to continue his recovery. Sweet and loving Reginald fit in so well with the family that they officially "foster failed" and now gets to live his best life in his forever home!