Chew Bar-Natural Cravings 7" Bully Stick
$ 5.99
Natural Cravings Pet Treats is a family owned and operated company dedicated to making healthy and delicious treats, chews and bones your pets will love to eat. All of our cattle are treated humanely, they are pasture finished and raised without antibiotics. All of our products are sourced and packaged in the U.S.A.

The 7” Bully Twists are actually two chews one. They are made up of two steer bully sticks twisted and perfectly roasted into one delicious treat. They are a tasty treat that is pure beef pizzle, we slow roast them trapping their natural juices to maximize flavor! All our bully sticks are carefully cleaned, vertically hung to guarantee Odor Free. They are intended as a treat, not a food. We do not use dyes or preservatives and we do not smoke them or treat them with smoky juice.

They are 100% digestible and perfect for small to medium dogs. 
Natural Cravings Pet Treats is happy to support no-kill animal shelters.

Single Ingredient: Bull pizzle