$ 7.00

  • All Bites are free of wheat, corn and soy. 
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Dehydrated for freshness
  • Human-grade ingredients


Bushel of Bacon: It's like a breakfast platter of bacon from Savannah River Farms, locally sourced honey and real apples that's been  rolled into a savory dog treat-sized biscuit! All of our all-natural treats are chemical free. 

The Great Pumpkin: Your dog will have plenty of friends waiting with him for their chance at getting this "Great Pumpkin" and peanut butter treat! Made with gluten free flour, organic coconut oil, organic peanut butter and locally sourced honey. 

Elvis's favorite peanut butter and banana sandwich inspired treats! Your dog will be glad he "ain't nothing but a HoundDog" to get'em!  Made with gluten free flour, organic peanut butter, real bananas, organic coconut oil and locally sourced honey.

Carob, organic peanut butter, and pumpkin "mixed" together make these Mix'd Up Bites their own breed of goodness!