The Hipster Hound - pioneering a healthier lifestyle for Hipster Hounds everywhere

Hipster Hound products are ideal for your customers who are passionate about the environment and the health and wellbeing of their furry family members. Our product line consists of handmade dog treats, as well as grooming products including shampoos and sprays. We only use natural, safe ingredients in all of our products.

Handmade Dog Treats

No matter what kind of budget your household is on, we believe that wholesome treats should be available for your entire family - even those with fur! Our handmade treats are made with all-natural ingredients, fresh-baked in small batches and dehydrated for freshness. Bites are free from gluten, soy and corn - made with the same good stuff you put on your grocery list. It does take time and a bit of extra love at The Hipster Hound, we believe your fur family is worth it. Available in four flavors.



Grooming Products

Shampoos and Sprays
Available in four formulations: Peace Out (to destress and relax your pup), Smell'n Ruff (naturally deodorizing), What a Itch (for itch relief), and Shoo (repels fleas and ticks).

Dry Shampoo
Available in our naturally deodorizing Smell'n Ruff formula.

Bar Soap
4oz bar of soap, pawfect for faces, legs and other spots that are hard to get clean with liquid shampoo.

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