Hipster Hounds always need to look their best, that's why they trust our professional stylist for haircuts, blow outs, and more. Using natural shampoos and conditioners for different coat and skin types, we will keep your Hipster Hound looking and smelling their best.

Grooming services are by appointment only Tues - Sat at our 1 Diamond Causeway location or every Mon and Tues at our Echols Ave location. 

Grooming Pricing:

Spa Service  $25+
             Nail Trim/Ear Cleaning/Bubble Bath

Mini Groom   $45+                                                                                                                Spa Service/Sanitary Trim/Paw Trim/Face Trim

Full Groom $50+                                                                                                                 Spa Service/Sanitary/Paw & Face Trim/Full Body Clip & Scissor

Add-On Services

  1.  Nail Trim $10/Nail File (grind) $14/Nail Polish $10
  2. Ear Cleaning (plucking) $12
  3. Gland Expression $10
  4. Flea & Tick Shampoo $15
  5. Teeth Brushing $10
  6. De-Matting $1 per minute
  7. De-Shedding $10-$25
  8. Brush Out $5-$20

Prices will vary due to the breed, age, temperament, and coat condition of the dog. To get a more accurate price, feel free to come in with your dog and discuss prices with our groomer. 

 1 Diamond Causeway; Suite 13: 912-349-7640

 115 Echols Ave: 912-436-6560