What is a Hipster Hound?

A fun-loving, free-spirit The Hipster Hound is pioneering a healthier lifestyle for all pets: mind, body and spirit. 

Mind: With Hipster Hound @ Home, our goal is to provide pet parents peace of mind knowing your pet and home are lovingly being cared for so you can enjoy your time away.  A Hipster Hound or Cool Cat never wants to feel scared or anxious at anytime so they would rather stay relaxed and comfortable in their own home continuing their own routine....while getting lots of love too! 

Body: A Hipster Hound has impeccable taste, therefore, only fresh, homemade, all-natural pet treats will do.  They will only eat ingredients that are good for their bodies like organic peanut butter, organic coconut oil, locally sourced honey from T's Bees and bacon from Savannah River Farms and real fruits like bananas, apples and pumpkin.

Just like what goes in their body, a Hipster Hound is just as picky about what goes on their body.  A Hipster Hound can also be a little vain about their appearance so they expect grooming products to be chemical free and offer beneficial essential oils to enhance their skin and coat.

Spirit:  A Hipster Hound's spirit knows no bounds just like their love for you.  Through the combination of a healthy body and peace of mind, The Hipster Hound will have a happy, loving spirit for years to come. 

Our rescue hound, Rex, was our inspiration for The Hipster Hound.  He is a 100 lb bloodhound-lab mix who thinks he's a lap dog and a giant baby.  He embodies the fun-loving, free-spirit of what a Hipster Hound is. He's always smiling!

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