PRESS RELEASE: Savannah Kennel Club Collecting Pet Food for Senior Citizens, Inc.'s Meals on Wheels Pet Food Pantry

Savannah Kennel Club Collecting Pet Food for Senior Citizens, Inc.'s Meals on Wheels Pet Food Pantry
Some seniors have had to choose between feeding themselves or feeding their pet because they cannot afford to purchase pet food.

SAVANNAH, GA (September 15, 2020) — For some senior citizens in Savannah, the only meal they eat each day is delivered by Senior Citizens, Inc.’s Meals on Wheels program. But with recent economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, some seniors have had to choose between feeding themselves or feeding their pets with their delivered meals.

That’s when Savannah Kennel Club heard about this serious problem and started a pet food drive to restock the Meals on Wheels Pet Food Pantry. Savannah Kennel Club quickly organized multiple drop-off facilities throughout the city, including Fleet Feet Savannah, The Hipster Hound, Critter Sit Doggie Daycare, and Chatham Parkway Subaru. 5-pound bags of dog or cat food or canned cat food are most appreciated as they are easiest to distribute and for the seniors to handle.

“Because of the coronavirus, seniors have become even more isolated from their family and friends,” explained Savannah Kennel Club board member, Donna Merkle. “But our goal is to collect enough pet food to ensure that Savannah's seniors never have to choose between feeding themselves, feeding their pets, or even giving up their beloved pets altogether.”

The donation facilities are now accepting pet food contributions for the next several weeks, but one location has kicked-off the food drive in memory of a very special dog. A client of The Hipster Hound reached out to owner, Tonya Rintye, about paying tribute to her friend’s recently deceased dog, Sammy, a fun-loving Labrador Retriever who was very food-oriented.

“Sammy would do just about anything for food, including jumping up on the kitchen counters to steal a bite regardless of the consequences,” described Rintye. “When our client asked what she and her group of Sammy’s human friends could do to honor him, I knew just the thing.”

In his memory, the “Play Group Moms” (as they call themselves) made a cash donation to The Hipster Hound, which was enough to purchase 21 5-pound dog food bags for the Meals on Wheels Pet Food Pantry.

To donate pet food for the Meals on Wheels Pet Food Pantry, donations are being collected at the following facilities in Savannah:

  • Fleet Feet Savannah, 3405 Waters Avenue
  • The Hipster Hound, 115 Echols Avenue and 1 Diamond Causeway (Suite 13)
  • Critter Sit Doggie Daycare, 1607 Grove Point Road
  • Chatham Parkway Subaru, 7 Park of Commerce Way

About Senior Citizens, Inc.
Senior Citizens, Inc., (SCI), a 501c(3) non-profit organization, has been helping people age successfully in Savannah since 1959. SCI provides a variety of services that meet physical, intellectual, and social needs. With the help of hundreds of dedicated volunteers, SCI assists more than 10,000 older adults and their families each year. Visit for more information.

About Savannah Kennel Club
Since its inception in 1935, the Savannah Kennel Club has enjoyed a rich and vibrant history of protecting and promoting the interests of all breeds of purebred dogs as well as mixed-breed dogs. The Savannah Kennel Club’s mission is to be the community’s leading authority on all things dog, acting as the premier resource for dog lovers, from the fancier to the everyday owner. Visit for more information.

About The Hipster Hound
The Hipster Hound is a family-owned pet products and services company located in Savannah. They offer dog daycare, grooming, boarding, retail, and more at two locations. Visit for more information.



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