Keeping Your Pets Calm During Fireworks

With the 4th of July coming up, you know what that means: fireworks. Those loud bangs and flashing lights are super scary to me, THE Original Hipster Hound, Rex, my siblings, and most of my doggy daycare friends. Humans love to watch fireworks and set them off, but us dogs don’t understand what’s happening and that is really frightening. I’ve even heard of some dogs who get so scared from the noise that they run away! Luckily, my mom, Tonya, and the rest of the experienced staff at The Hipster Hound know just what to do to comfort dogs and try to minimize our fear.

Fireworks Facts
Did you know that the 4th of July has one of the highest rates of dogs running away from home? They try to find a place to escape the scary noises, so it is extremely important for dogs to stay indoors. When outside during a fireworks display, they could try to escape through a hole in your fence or gate, or they may even attempt to jump the fence altogether. If your pup needs a potty break, take him outside on a leash with a secure collar or harness that he or she can’t back out of when scared – even in a fenced backyard to be extra cautious!

Know the Firework Schedules
Be aware of the 4th of July events taking place around your neighborhood. Go online, find out your city’s schedule for a fireworks show, and make a game plan. Maybe you and your dog can get away from that area for a few hours to avoid the noise. Just make sure to bring your dog indoors before any fireworks begin.

A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog
During the day before the fireworks begin, take a long walk or run with your dog. You could even bring your dog to daycare at The Hipster Hound, where you know he will get tuckered out running around with his other dog friends. Play fetch with his favorite tennis ball, have a fun game of tug-o-war, or just do anything fun to exhaust all of your dog’s energy. After an entire day of play, your dog will be happy but worn out and ready to relax for the night. A sleepy and calm dog will be less likely to get worked up from the sounds of the fireworks.

Create a Safe Space
Prior to the fireworks, make your home as soundproof and comfortable for your dog as possible. Close all the windows, draw the curtains, and make sure he has a “den” to hide out in. Dogs like enclosed spaces to feel protected from the loud booms of the fireworks. Fill his den with all the things he loves: dog bed, blanket, and toys.

Plenty of Distraction
To keep your dog’s mind and ears off the noise of the fireworks, you can play some music or watch TV at a louder volume than you normally would. These sounds are familiar to your dog, but they can be loud enough to help drown out the booms from outside. Air conditioners, fans, and white noise machines are also options to compete with the sounds. Another distraction tool? Treats! Pet Releaf Edibites Peanut Butter & Carob Calming treats with CBD will be tasty to your dog while the CBD helps to calm him down.

Keep Calm
As the alpha of your pack, dogs look to their humans for guidance on how to behave. If you stay calm during the fireworks, your dog will pick up on that and try to remain calm as well. Like we always tell parents at doggy daycare: If you are calm, your pup will want to be calm too. It’s our human’s job to protect us from the things that scare us or that can harm us. If you follow our tips, you and your dog will have a safe and calm 4th of July.


Rex, The Original Hipster Hound

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