Getting on a New Routine Post COVID-19

This COVID-19 pandemic is some serious stuff! Luckily, Savannah is slowly starting to reopen for business with restrictions. Practicing social distancing and wearing face coverings are very important so the humans don’t spread the coronavirus to each other. For more information on how Savannah has been handling COVID-19, please visit

In the meantime, The Hipster Hound has FINALLY reopened doggy daycare at both the Echols Avenue and Diamond Causeway locations! However, humans are still not allowed inside the Echols Avenue location. While they can enter the Diamond Causeway building one at a time while wearing a face covering. The Echols Avenue location had remained open during self-isolation for limited boarding customers who were essential workers, but as more and more people begin to go back to work, doggy daycare will be in-demand again - possibly more than ever!

I really missed playing with all of my friends at doggy daycare while they were all at home with their parents, but I have a feeling I might be making lots of new friends very soon. When all the humans go back to work, they may start to notice an increase in their dogs’ separation anxiety. Us dogs have gotten very used to being around our parents 24-7 during the self-isolation. We were getting more walks, more snuggles, more playtime, and more attention. But if it’s all taken away from dogs suddenly, they may be left feeling confused, abandoned, and bored.

Dog parents should definitely consider sending their pups to doggy daycare at The Hipster Hound to help with the transition to a new day-to-day routine for both dogs AND humans. The first step is to schedule a doggy daycare temperament evaluation appointment. Evaluation appointments cost $20, and if a dog passes the evaluation, he can come play at the Echols Avenue location seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. or at the Diamond Causeway location weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Be sure to call to schedule an appointment at either location!

Can't find the time to shuttle your furry friend to and from daycare each day? No worries! For those dogs living in Ardsley Park, Midtown, Downtown, Habersham Village, and Kensington Park, The Hipster Hound offers transportation to and from daycare! The Hipster Hound Wag'n Wagon will pick your dog up at YOUR home in the morning and bring him or her back in the evening! AND it's only $7.00 for the rides (plus the cost of daycare)!

However, for the dogs who can’t make it to daycare each day, it’s important that their humans stick to a routine walk schedule. The dogs are used to their parents being home more, so it may be beneficial to add extra walks like an afternoon one into the mix. And when leaving the house, parents could even leave the TV on to keep their dogs company - I really like that myself!

And don’t forget - The Hipster Hound is your go-to shop for any supplements or brain toys that your dog may need to help during this time of transition. CBD oil is a wonderful option for anxious, stressed dogs with no harmful side effects. Interactive game toys are another excellent tool for parents to give to their pups to keep them distracted and entertained. Not to mention, the experienced and understanding staff at The Hipster Hound are always there to make suggestions on solutions to any problem a pet parent is having.

For more information about The Hipster Hound doggy daycare program, please read our previous article all about it here. For any questions, call (912) 436-6560 for the Echols Avenue location or (912) 349-7640 for the Diamond Causeway location.


Rex, The Original Hipster Hound

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