When choosing a leash or harness there are so many options it can be a little overwhelming. You hear terms like martingale, greyhound, chain, retractable, forward leading and more- it's enough to make you reach for the aspirin bottle. What kind is right for your Hipster Hound?  Well it depends on many factors like "are you using it for training the dog", "does the dog already walk well on a leash", "what type of area will you be walking your Hipster Hound" and so many more questions you need to ask when making this decision. Our Hipster Hound, Rex, is a 100 lb coon hound that would drag us around.... until we tried the chain collar.  When used correctly the chain, or prong collar, can help you train your dog to walk on a leash. Rex no longer pulls and is a very well behaved dog while on a leash. However, you must use this type of leash properly as it can cause harm. 

The ASPCA has created this handy dandy cheat sheet on choosing the right walking equipment for your Hipster Hound. Still can't decide? Seek advice from your locally owned pet store as they are well versed in different types of collars and leashes, your vet or even a professional dog trainer!



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